New online: The 'I like it on' Facebook status explained


New online: The 'I like it on' Facebook status explained

Have you noticed that some of your female Facebook friends have been particularly..revealing in their status updates lately? I was quite confused this morning when a usually professional former colleague posted a status that read, "I like it on the kitchen counter where the toaster is (hot!)."

When asked by commenters why on Earth she would post something like this on her profile when her mom can read it, her response was simply, "Google 'I like it on'."

So, off to Google I went.

It turns out that the phrase "I like it on" is a viral meme on Facebook right now and it's meant to get people talking about breast cancer. The phrase, I like it on, actually refers to where a woman prefers to put her purse. When Facebook friends comment on the alluring update, it sparks a discussion about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the women who are affected by the disease.

While the "I like it on" updates I've seen don't link out to specific breast cancer foundations or fundraising initiatives (and it's unclear how the meme got started), I think it's interesting that people are using the allure of social media to spark discussions about an important cause.

And by the way, I like it on the living room chair. Where do you like it?

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